Joshua Jenkins



Joshua Jenkins was born yesterday. I mean wasn't. Joshua Jenkins was not born yesterday. Immediately afterwards he had—has, is having—an interesting career in design with a particular focus on interfaces that improve working with and consuming data. When not that-ing, Joshua lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Some of Joshua's artwork may have been seen by you. That's nice of you. Please direct inquiries regarding acquisition or commissions of works to (unintelligble) for purposes of flattery.

Design at

Snowflake (2019—) / Numeracy (2015-2019) / The Last Guide Company (2014) / Dropbox (2012-2014) / Cove (2011-2012) / Parliament (2010-2011) / Misc (2004-2010)

Quality food creations at

Subway (2006) / Wegman's seafood section (2003-2004) / Cam's NY Pizzeria (2002-2003)

Group shows

  1. Instagram posts (2014—)
  2. Twitter posts (2009—should I stop? I should probably stop.)


Yes. And?