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What problem am I trying to solve with this website?

Brutal question—but let's see. Imagine you meet someone (todo: who?) and they ask your name. You tell them your full first and last name, even though that's not really what you go by. It's a new person, so you're cautious.

They open up a web browser on their [todo: add devices, especially funny ones] and type in your first and last name, then add a dot com. They want to know more, but they're afraid to ask because you have a discomforting aura.

So they hit/say/tap "go" or whatever, and this (note to the reader: pause here to look around at this website) pops up.

Aghast, they realize they're living the very words they're reading on the screen (todo: did we establish a screen?)

So the goal then I guess is to create this disorienting feeling in very specific social situations?

Let's just roll with it and iterate towards a better solution.

You may know me from designing at, or you may wish to know that I designed at

Snowflake (2019—) / Numeracy (2015-2019) / The Last Guide Company (2014) / Dropbox (2012-2014) / Cove (2011-2012) / Parliament (2010-2011) / Misc (2004-2010)

Before that I made food at

Subway (2006) / Wegman’s seafood dep’t. (2003-2004) / Cam’s NY Pizzeria (2002-2003)

Unfortunately for everyone you may find me elsewhere (it's on you if you do)

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